Q. Is company FSSAI certified?
A.  Yes, Our company is FSSAI certified . For more information on our Certifications please visit “About Us” section.

Q. What product categories are available on Website?
A.  We offer products related to Prescription Medicines, Surgical Suture,Ortho Implants, Multivitamins & Essentials,     Herbal Weight Management Shake and Gym Supplements. For more details visit our Shop section.

Q. Do we need Doctor prescription to buy health supplements ?
A. Not at all. Dietary supplements are a way to cover the body needs of required nutrition . So one can choose the right nutrition according to the need or health plan.

Q. How to check if gym and herbal products are authentic?
A. There is a unique coupon code under the cap.  Please follow the step mentioned on coupon and verify your product in less than 1 minute.

Q. What makes Garvm the best choice for Quality Health products?
A.  We bolster our product quality through different norms of quality set up by various Govt. National and International department while providing complete transparency and lab certifications. Since inception we have been maintaining the highest standards for quality-focused culture to ensure the highest priority is placed on the safety, efficacy and reliability of our products and make persistent effort to serve our customers with our best ability.

Q. How to track order?
A.  Every order that gets confirmed, SMS will be sent to the customer with the tracking link of the order. Also visit “Track” section for real time updates.

Q. Do I need to pay shipping cost also?
A.  Relax. You can order the product anywhere across India and we will pay the shipping charges for orders above 499 rs. but for International shipping the freight to be paid as actual.

Q. Could I have any side effects using Herbal Weight Management Shake?
A.  You will become more active, more efficient and more fit. Nothing less than that. That’s a promise. Order Now and gift your body the best shape.

Q. Will i start gaining weight after stop using Herbal Alfa+ Shake Mix?
A.   A sensible diet and daily body exercise will be sufficient to maintain the achieved shape after the Herbal weight management program. However, we suggest you taking Meal Replacement shake daily as it is same as your food but with loads of healthy nutrition which is very difficult getting in a normal diet.

Q. Is Herbal Alfa+ Shake Mix  could be used for both Weight Gain and  Weight Loss?
A.  Yes. There is nothing specifically added in Canister for either Weight Gain or Weight Loss. That’s why we suggest you to replace your old style of eating with the healthiest way. It’s natural, convenient, nutritious and can be used by anyone.

Q. Could a Diabetic person have Herbal Alfa+ Shake Mix?
A.  Yes of course! It is of low GI ( Glycemic Index ) which is why it can be used by Diabetic Patients as well. However, we suggest you starting with low amount of  serving and then gradually increase.

Q. The price of Herbal Alfa+ Shake Mix is higher as compared to other related products available on e-commerce?
A. The type of protein and quantity used in Herbal Alfa+ Shake Mix is  A+ International Quality Whey Blend ( Whey Concentrate Protein from Saputo Germany & Whey Isolate Protein from  Agropur USA ) which is of a much higher cost then soy protein used in other Brands. We assure you the best quality that delivers amazing results lifelong.

Q. Could Herbal Alfa+ Shake Mix be used by professional athletes?
A. To make sure we meet the standards of International Sports Council, our product comes with 0% harmful and banned substances set by the International Sports Federal. The same trusted certificate can be seen on the product label.

Q. I am doing Bodybuilding. Could I use Herbal Alfa+ Shake Mix?
A.  Yes. One serving of Meal replacement shake gives 16g of high quality whey  blend protein along with 4g Fibre and 25 vital nutrients which all together help you to build muscle and strength.

Q. What is the difference between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate?
A.  The main difference between whey isolate and whey concentrate is that whey isolate undergoes more processing, which results in a higher protein content with less carbs and fat. Whey isolate is more expensive than whey concentrate and has a protein value around 90-95% which is very favorable for Bodybuilding.

Q. Could people with lactose intolerant have Intense Whey Isolate?
A.  Intense Isolate is virtually free of lactose, but starting with a low serving initially can clear the doubts.

Q. Why does Intense Whey Isolate contain soy lecithin?
A. Soy lecithin is a natural component found in many food sources and is added to whey protein to smooth its texture and enable the protein to readily disperse in water.

Q. Why to choose Intense Whey Isolate over other brands?
A.  Intense Whey Isolate is World’s First 5-in-1 Protein with highest protein value of 95% and gives about (29g) natural protein in just 1 scoop of (33g) and is packed full of branched chain amino acids ( BCAAs ) that may help preserve lean muscle tissue during intense workouts.

Second, Intense Whey Isolate is a premium category protein supplement loaded with many powerful nutrients like Electrolytes, L-arginine and 25 selected  Vitamins Minerals including DHA making it an alpha choice for any athlete, bodybuilder or anyone looking to improve their physique.

Third, Intense Isolate is low in carbs, fat and calories which makes it perfect for dieters.

Fourth, since most of the lactose has been removed, it’s popular with lactose-intolerant individuals.

Last but not least, The protein is imported from Agropur U.S.A which is considered as the #1 quality isolate protein.

Q. Could we use Intense Isolate for Weight Loss?
A.  Absolutely. Intense isolate contains a very high percentage of pure protein which means you will loose significantly more body fat and a greater preservation of lean muscle mass.

Q. What are the benefits of using Intense Isolate other than bodybuilding?
A. Intense Isolate is loaded with so many powerful nutrients that supports body hydration, enhanced metabolism, better reflex arc, aids fat loss and boosts healthy functioning of overall body.