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Alfa+Shake Mix 100% Balanced Meal for Long Lasting Results!!


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Geherbal weight loss


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Product Overview

  • If you’ve been worrying about your unmanaged weight or difficulty in having a balanced meal then Alfa+Shake Mix is a perfect solution to it.
  • Alfa+ shake acts as premium quality Meal Replacement. With the balanced nutrition and high quality ingredients, it’s never been so convenient to reach your fitness goals with long-lasting results.
  • Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) has been considered as the topnotched quality of the protein in the World and moreover the combination of German produced WHEY CONCENTRATE and USA produced WHEY ISOLATE has been ranking alpha plus.Therefore, our Alfa+ shake mix gets the edge from the rest.
  • Each scoop of Alfa+ Shake mix provides 16g of topnotch whey blend in 80:20 (WPI:WPC) with 10g carbs (4g  fibre), vital minerals and Essential  3g Fat.
  • The Premium Alfa+ shake mix is a healthy composition of 25 vital Vitamins & Minerals especially DHA for healthy functioning of the mind and body.
  • The Premium Alfa+ shake mix offers you all the goodness of a balanced meal in just 1 scoop (33g) with the minimum amount of calories and maximum protein . Thus satisfying your hunger for a healthier Weight Loss / Weight Gain or Weight Maintenance.
  • Rich in Amino Acids for Effective Muscle gain.
  • Alfa+ Shake Mix supports an active lifestyle to make you even more stronger and fit. We are committed to provide the best quality meal replacement shake for your different fitness goals.
  • 100 % Natural | NO Side Effects | NO SOY | 100 % WHEY | NO MELAMINE.
  • Full of Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Dietary Fibre for Overall Wellbeing.
  • Highest Quality Protein for effective Weight Management Program.
  • Builds Natural Internal Strength.
  • Enhance Skin Glow and Body Metabolism for Perfect Body Shape.
  • Free from pesticides, preservatives, and other chemical additives that would hamper your organic style.
  • Alfa+ shake mix undergoes international quality parameters set by the World Health Organisation ( WHO ) to ensure the highest quality meal replacement is being packed.
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Key Benefits

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Fat Loss

  • Each scoop gives 16g purest whey blend protein and is the single most important nutrient that  help you to loss weight and belly fat.
  • A high protein intake boosts metabolism, reduces appetite and changes several weight regulating hormones.
  • 100mg DHA in 1 scoop also enables effective fat loss and muscle building.
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Lean Gain

  • Rich in all 9 essential muscle-building Amino’s and vital nutrients for effective muscle recovery and prevents catabolic muscle loss.
  • Extra high dose of Leucine to effectively stimulate muscle protein synthesis and help build more muscle mass.
  • Faster digestibility of Intense Isolate protein results spike in amino acid levels which lead to aid faster and effective muscle recovery.
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Calorie Control

  • 25 selected Vitamins & Minerals like B2, D3, Folic Acid, Iron, Selenium  helps in absorbing the vital nutrients from diet and aids energy production.
  • 4 essential electrolytes sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium to provide energy during essential workout.
  • Overall combination of vital nutrients in Ge-Herbal Shake gives the benefit of overall health and wellness.
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Balanced Meal

  • If you have been worried about having a nutritious meal then replace any meal with Alfa+ Shake Mix.
  • Alfa+ Shake Mix contain all the vital nutrients that your body require for optimal functioning.

Suggested Use

Muscle Building : Add 1 heaping scoop to 180-250 ml of water or milk 30 to 60 minutes prior or after your workout session.

Weight Gain : Add 1 heaping scoop to 250-300 ml of full cream milk. Recommended 1-2 serving per day.

Weight Loss : Add 1 heaping scoop to 180-250 ml of skimmed milk. Replace 2 major meals ideal breakfast and dinner.

Weight Management : Replace 1 major meal ideal breakfast with Alfa+ shake mix 1 scoop with  milk / juice.


A. You will become more active, more efficient and more fit. Nothing less than that. That’s a promise. Order Now and gift your body the best shape.
A. A sensible diet and daily body exercise will be sufficient to maintain the achieved shape after the Herbal weight management program. However, we suggest you taking Meal Replacement shake daily as it is same as your food but with loads of healthy nutrition which is very difficult getting from a normal diet.
A. Yes. There is nothing specifically added in Canister for either Weight Gain or Weight Loss. That’s why we suggest you to replace your old style of eating with the healthiest way. It’s natural, convenient, nutritious and can be used by anyone.
A. Yes of course! It is of low GI ( Glycemic Index ) which is why it can be used by Diabetic Patients as well. However, we suggest you starting with low amount of serving and then gradually increase when feel normal to do so.
A. The type of protein used in the Ge-Herbal shake is a Whey Blend ( Whey Concentrate & Whey Isolate ) which is of a much higher cost then soy protein used in other Brands. We assure you the best quality that delivers amazing results lifelong.
A. To make sure we meet the standards of International Sports Council, our product comes with 0 harmful and banned substances set by the International Sports Federal. The same trusted certificate can be seen on the product label.


Geherbal weight loss

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